For the past two years, our team at Vacay Coupons, have been focused on integrating patented technology that maximizes one’s shopping experience while on vacation. Our goal is to send uniquely targeted messages to your mobile phone without the use of WiFi or Data.

Our goal, is to allow retailers and brands to communicate with vacationers by sending uniquely targeted messages to your mobile phone .

 Receiving messages is free

No Roaming Charges.

No need to worry about battery life.

Simply remember to keep your
Bluetooth turned on while traveling!

Vacay Coupons Info

Simply download Vacay Coupons from the app store and receive pertinent information directly to your phone. The Vacay App's main Objective is to maximise your shopping experience by saving you time and money. But what about my data plan, will this cost me any roaming fees? Will this app affect my battery life? Download Vacay Coupons NOW from the App Store and all of your FREE gifts and information will be sent automatically to your phone WITHOUT the use of WIFI or data. That's right, no Roaming fees!!! In addition Our app is low power. NO need to worry about battery life. Simply remember to keep your Bluetooth turned on while travelling!

Once again, KEEP your Bluetooth turned on.

How does it work?

As you wander throughout your trip we will send you gifts and coupons directly to your phone. Simply click on the message and show the coupon to the stores and redeem hundreds of dollars in free gifts.

Keep your bluetooth turned on throughout your vacation and receive your FREE gifts, important information and special vacay prices!

Vacay Coupons Info

Retailers and/or brands will communicate with the guests as they pass  stores or within a chosen proximity, turning shoppers into active and loyal customers by sending them smart and automatic notifications. All notifications neatly organized in your mobile phone's Wallet.

Vacay Coupons Info

All notifications neatly organised by store name and location in your mobile phone's wallet. Click on the appropriate tab to view your coupon. Simple and user friendly

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I am not tech savvy and find this app easy to navigate through. Thank You

Belinda and Jimmy

Galveston, Texas
Who doesn’t love free gifts and coupons!!


Katy, Texas
Walked by a store and a coupon just appeared on my phone – really cool!


Houston, Texas
Would love to see this when shopping in Manhattan.

Pierre and Mona

New York, New York
Thank you for the $100 off coupon. Want to buy a diamond pendant and the coupon is a great incentive.

Dr. Cohen

Palm Springs, Florida
Free Diamond Charm Bracelet – thanks


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Thank you for the free tote bag coupon at Del Sol.

Mike and Janice

Daytona Beach, Florida
Saved 362$ on my cruise with your price drop alerts.

Leonard and Linda

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Buy an Entrée and get an appetizer free at Hard Rock Cayman!!!


Dallas, Texas
You saved me with the emergency number for my cruise ship.


Houston, Texas
Technology works well with my wife’s Iphone and my Samsung!

Bradley and Kate

Charlotte, North Carolina
A little overwhelming at times, but the coupons just stack up for later. Came back from the beach and used a few coupons.

Jacobs Family

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Great App, 5 star review!!


Miami, Florida
Easy to navigate through. Enjoyed reading the articles.


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Well done guys, you nailed it with this technology.


I was welcomed with a free pina colada by the app when docking in Bahamas.


Montreal, Canada
So many coupons!!!! I love VACAY Coupons


Bellaire, Texas
Found the best cigars!!!!!


Los Angeles, CA
I didn’t know that about whales. Thanks for the info


Seattle, Washington
The halibut was off the menu and a great suggestion VACAY.


Portland, Oregon
Thank you for the discounted train ride in Alaska.

The Robertsons

Denver, Colorado
How did you create this, really cool?


The stingray excursion in Grand Cayman was excellent, thank you for the coupon.


Cocoa Beach, Florida

Our Partners

We are attempting to connect the entire Cruise Industry's retail shopping program into a network like no other.

During the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase our team will work with you to verify our project’s hypothesis and test solutions with our users. Our team of experienced engineers will strategically program pertinent messages that will arrive as push notifications.
Your engagement is critical to our success. Once our PoC phase has concluded your feedback will help us scale aggressively around the Caribbean and Alaska .
Please allow me to invite you to Vacay’s beta testing program.

Michael Nov Vacay Coupons – Co Founder

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